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       "The Infrared Testing Specialists"
             Over 30 Years of Experience

                       Infrared Imaging

nfrared Diagnostics specializes in advanced infrared diagnostic surveys.  We offer over 30 years of experience
in infrared imaging to help your company identify potential hidden defects.

       Infrared Investigations:                      

  • Electrical Infrared Inspection
  • Mechanical and Rotating Equipment Infrared Inspection 
  • Building Energy Heat Loss Survey
  • Roof Moisture Infrared Imaging  
  • Steam Distribution
  • Subsurface Pipelines
  • Boiler / Refractory
  • Concrete - Bridge & Parking Decks
  • Pool Leaks
                 Ultrasonic Investigations: 
  • Air / Product Leaks
  • Electrical Inspection




                         Our goal is to assist our customers with:

  • Managing and reducing facility operating costs
  • Reducing unscheduled outages and downtime
  • Increasing facility production
  • Increasing facility safety
  • Problem solving
  • Providing concise and detailed reports


Infrared Diagnostics is a professional company with over 30 years of experience providing innovative, detailed and cost effective non destructive investigation and testing services to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers.  We have built our reputation on providing our customers with outstanding customer service designed to meet our client’s individual needs. 

By specializing in high-resolution infrared imaging and complimentary nondestructive inspection methods, Infrared Diagnostics has the ability to provide our clients with the latest advances in high resolution infrared imaging and analysis equipment along with highly trained, certified and experienced field technicians.   

We provide services throughout the United States.


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