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Bridge Deck Investigations

Bridge Deck Investigation

     Infrared Diagnostics utilizes non-destructive investigation methods to accurately and efficiently pinpoint and characterize concrete bridge deck delaminations and overlay deboning.   

     Infrared Diagnostics utilizes a combination of high resolution infrared imaging and ground penetrating radar investigation techniques to locate and characterize bridge deck delaminations and overlay debonding. Incorporating both testing methods into the bridge deck condition monitoring program provides exceptional accuracy in pinpointing bridge deck delaminations as well as determining the depth of the delamination within the deck structure.

     Our services are designed to provide our customers with the location and characterization of deck delaminations and overlay debonding to assist with calculating deck rehabilitation costs as well as identifying specific areas of the bridge deck requiring repair.

Infrared Bridge Decl Investigation
Infrared Bridge Deck Investigation

                                  Investigation Methods

High Resolution Infrared Imaging

   High resolution thermal imaging investigation methods have been developed to monitor the temperature of the bridge deck to locate and characterize concrete delaminations and overlay debonding.

Ground Penetrating Radar

   Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) utilizes a transducer to produce a controlled electromagnetic pulse that is transmitted into the bridge deck structure. Anomalies, such as overlay debonding and concrete delaminations will affect the characteristics of the returning radar signal. Analysis of returned signals allows the technician to differentiate between overlay debonding and concrete delaminations located above or below the top layer of reinforcing steel.

Our services assist our customers by:


- Efficient mapping of deck delaminations and overlay debunking.

- Determination of delamination location, above or below the top iilayer of steel.

- Scaled deck drawing plotting delamination area location and ndenoting full or partial depth delamination.

- Written summary detailing total sq. ft. and % of deck displaying iifull depth delamination, partial depth delamination and overlay iidebonding.

- Provide information for customers to estimate deck nrehabilitation cost.

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