Infrared Steam Distribution Leak

Defective valve allowing steam to leak through
Defective steam trap
Underground steam line leak
Steam line leak
Damaged steam line insulation

     Infrared Diagnostics steam leak location can help reduce facility operating costs by locating deficiencies within your steam distribution and hot water systems.


     Investigations document and quantify leaks within subsurface steam & hot water system pipelines, defective steam traps and energy loss related to missing or damaged pipeline insulation.

Our infrared investigations assist our customers by:


-  Reducing facility energy costs.

-  Maintaining system reliability.

-  Pinpointing steam leak locations.

-  Reducing repair costs and time.

-  No disruption to steam system.

Pinpoint loss associated with:


-  Steam traps & valves.

-  Underground steam pipelines.

-  Underground hot water & radiant heat.

-  Underground missing / damaged pipeline insulation.



Our reports provide detailed documentation and analysis:


-  High definition color infrared and visual images.

-  Infrared data / interpretation of all steam anomalies.

-  Pinpoint and characterize all deficiency locations.

-  Drawing plotting the location of all deficiency locations. 

-  Reports archived for future investigation comparisons.

-  Visual inspection of facility layout.




Subsurface Hot Water Heating Pipeline Leak
Aerial investigations of Distribution System
Pipeline path
Steam line leak

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