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Ultrasonic Leak Detection Investigation 

Ultrasonic Leak Locator
Ultrasonic Leak Detection

     Infrared Diagnostics provides Ultrasound leak detection investigations that are applicable to a wide range of leaks: pressure or vacuum and any gas.

     During a leak condition, a fluid (liquid or gas) moves from a high pressure to a low pressure. As it passes through the leak site, a turbulent flow is generated. This turbulence has strong ultrasonic components which are heard through headphones and seen as intensity increments on the meter. It can be generally noted that the larger the leak, the greater the ultrasound level.

Services assist our customers by:

  • Reducing operating costs.

  • Maintaining integrity of system.

  • Reducing cost of compressed air.

  • Reducing product loss.

  • Reduce compressor operating time, maintenance and cost.

Detailed leak location and documentation:

  • Pinpoint specific leak location

  • Detailed description and documentation for ease of location by repair personnel

  • Visual photo of leak point to assist in locating during repairs

  • Tagging, prioritizing and numbering leak locations to assist with repair scheduling

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