Infrared Electrical Testing

Cable to transformer lug assembly

 By specializing in infrared testing alone, Infrared Diagnostics, Inc. has the ability to provide our customers with the latest in high resolution infrared imaging equipment accompanied by highly trained, experienced and certified field technicians.


  Because we do not profit from repairs of our documented electrical defects, you can be assured our results are accurate and unbiased.



A phase bottom fuse to fuse clip

Our infrared services assist our customers by:


-  Reducing unscheduled downtime.

-  Reducing equipment repair cost.

-  Increase personnel safety.

-  Manage inspection and personnel costs.

-  Planning and budgeting for repairs. 

-  Full documentation to acquire budget dollars.

-  Potential reduction of insurance premiums.


Cable to circuit breaker terminal

Investigations designed to locate and characterize:


-  Loose or faulty components, connections and terminals.

-  Overloaded circuits.

-  Phase imbalances.

-  Harmonics / neutral loading.

-  Non-compliant installation / components.


Our reports provide detailed documentation and analysis:


-  High definition color infrared and visual images.

-  Written summary of findings and analysis procedures.

-  Detailed characterization and analysis of each electrical defect.

-  Priority rating for recommended repair scheduling.

-  Detailed listing / nomenclature of equipment investigated.

-  Circuit load reading of all noted defects.

-  Reports archived for future investigation comparisons.

-  Visual inspection of equipment components.

-  Documentation of any noted code violations.

A phase top cable to breaker lug

Additional electrical services:

-  Recording and documentation of electrical equipment

-  True RMS Voltage & Current, Power Factor and Phase         Balance      

-  Ultrasonic Testing

-  Circuit tracing

-  Underground electrical / communication cable locating


Switchyard bus disconnect hinge assembly

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