Pipeline Leak Location

Subsurface Chilled Water Supply & Return Pipelines

Fire Protection Pipeline Path


Pipeline Leak Location

Condensate Pipeline Path & Pipeline Leak

   Infrared Diagnostics provides nondestructive services to locate and characterize subsurface pipeline leaks. Our investigation results pinpoint underground pipeline leaks without destruction or disruption to the site surface or pipeline system. 


i In addition to pipeline leak detection, our investigations can provide mapping and depth locations of your subsurface pipeline systems and utilities. 

Locate subsurface pipeline leaks associated with:


-  Domestic Water

-  Fire Protection

-  Hot Water - Radiant Heat

-  Steam & Condensate

-  Chilled Water Supply & Return

-  Air & Gas Lines

-  Product Pipelines 

-  Storm & Sewer Lines

-  Swimming Pool Supply / Return Pipelines

-  Ice Rink Cooling and Heating Pipelines


Our services assist our customers by:


-  Pinpointing pipeline leak location.

-  Reduce excavation & repair costs. 

-  Non-destructive to site surface.

-  Maintain system reliability. 

-  Location of pipeline path a depth. 

-  Locate utilities prior to excavation. 

-  Reduce facility downtime. 


Aerial Flyover (Campus) Investigation



Fire Pipeline Leak

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