Infrared Roof Moisture Inspection

Moisture within roof system 
Dry roof material

     Infrared Diagnostics will pinpoint the location of moisture entering the flat roof system and outline areas of wet roof insulation.  Investigation results allow our customers the opportunity to repair specific areas of the roof in lieu of replacing the entire roof system.


    Areas of wet insulation and moisture penetration points are outlined on the roof surface and plotted on roof plans.  Findings can be utilized for acquiring comparable cost bids for replacement of specific roof sections.  Infrared Diagnostics roof moisture investigation can also be utilized for investigating roof system prior to expiration of warranty.   

Our infrared investigations assist our customers by:


-  Pinpoint source of roof moisture infiltration.

-  Plot location of all wet roof insulation.

-  Manage and reduce roof repair costs.

-  Extend life of roof system.

-  Document defects prior to warranty expiration.

-  Planning & budgeting for repairs.

-  Full documentation to acquire budget dollars.

Moisture within roof system 
Moisture within roof system 

Investigations designed to locate and characterize:


-  Location of moisture trapped within roof system.

-  Location of specific roof leak areas.

-  Defective roof components.

Our reports provide detailed documentation and analysis:


-  High definition color infrared and visual images.

-  Infrared data / interpretation of each wet roof area.

-  Detailed characterization and analysis of each roof defect.

-  Sq. footage size of each wet roof area noted.

-  Roof drawing plotting the location of all roof defect areas.

-  Reports archived for future investigation comparisons.

-  Visual inspection of roof system components.

-  All information to acquire comparable roof repair quotes.


Moisture within roof system 
Aerial helicopter flyover
Aerial helicopter flyover

Surveys may be performed by walking roof surface or by aerial flyover of large / multiple facilities.

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