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Cemetery Mapping / Grave Site Location


Infrared Grave Cemetery Location
Grave locations
Infrared Grave Cemetery Location
Visual image

   Infrared Diagnostics utilizes high resolution infrared imaging and ground penetrating radar investigation techniques to map out the location of occupied and unoccupied grave sites. Investigations are performed without destruction or disruption to the site surface or buried remains. 


 Our investigations are designed to assist cemetery operators with confirming the location of buried remains. Our services can assist in updating cemetery plot records to reflect actual placement of grave locations as well as determine available burial plots.  

Infrared Cemetery Grave Locator
GPR data displaying locations of burials
Visual image

Our services assist our customers by:


-  Updating cemetery site plans.

-  Confirming burial locations.

-  Confirm empty burial plots.

-  Confirm placement of headstones.


Infrared image of unmarked grave location
GPR data displaying unmarked grave location
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