Infrared Mechanical Testing

Defective inboard motor bearing

 Infrared Diagnostics mechanical equipment investigations are an efficient means of locating mechanical equipment defects prior to equipment failure, increased equipment repair costs and production downtime. 


 Our investigations will locate and document abnormal thermal characteristics associated with defective motors / motor windings, bearings, pumps and couplings. 

Defective outboard pump bearing

Infrared services assist our customers by:


-  Reducing unscheduled downtime.

-  Reducing equipment repair costs.

-  Increased personnel safety.

-  Increased production.

-  Manage inspection and personnel costs.

-  Planning & budgeting for repairs.

-  Full documentation to acquire budget dollars.


Defective outboard pinion bearing

Investigations designed to locate and characterize:


-  Deterioration of motor windings.

-  Defective conveyor and roller bearings.

-  Failing pump and motor bearings.

-  Defective gear box / couplings.

-  Misalignment of motors / drive bearings.

-  Under / Over lubrication of motors / bearings.


Deterioration of  motor windings

Our reports provide detailed documentation and analysis:


-  High definition color infrared and visual images.

-  Written summary of findings and analysis procedures.

-  Detailed characterization and analysis of each mechanical iiidefect.

-  Priority rating for recommended repair scheduling.

-  Detailed listing / nomenclature of equipment investigated.

-  Reports archived for future investigation comparisons.

-  Visual inspection of equipment components.


Additional mechanical services:

-  Ultrasonic testing of mechanical components.



Failing conveyor bearing

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